There are many kinds of aromatherapy, how to choose?

There are many kinds of aromatherapy, how to choose?


Introduce some common and frequently used aromatherapy to you

There are many kinds of aromatherapy, how to choose?
Aromatherapy products are more and more popular with the public, and the categories are also more and more developed from the most primitive aromatherapy candles. Facing various products on the market, do you not know how to choose the one who just entered the aromatherapy pit? Today's popular science article will share the category of aromatherapy products~

The common aromatherapy on the market can be divided into two categories: the one with fire & the one without fire

Aromatherapy with fire

Scented candles

At present, one of the most common aromatherapy on the market, in addition to being able to render the atmosphere and make the air fragrant, has different efficacy according to different fragrance formula, such as formaldehyde removal, mosquito repellent, tranquilizing, sleep supporting and other effects.

Incense with fire generally has quick effect and obvious effect. The room will be filled with fragrance immediately after ignition, so that you can indulge in it. However, the time should not be too long. Generally speaking, it is about 2 hours, and it is better not to exceed 3 hours.

Joss stick

Originated in China, but the most widely sold brand is Japanese linear incense. In addition to their own use, incense is also a good companion gift. The more famous brands include jiujutang, Apotheke fragrance, shanglintang, etc.

According to taste classification, line fragrance can be divided into perfume department and fragrant wood department.

Perfume has fragrance of flowers, fruit and herbs. There are aloe, sandalwood and other woody spices in the fragrant wood system. It's a little temple like. It's suitable for people who like woody fragrance.

Aromatherapy without fire

Reed diffuser (Rattan)

No fire aromatherapy is to volatilize the natural plant essential oil containing micro oxygen element through a special constant temperature vaporizing head, which can not only produce sufficient fresh pure oxygen, but also release a large number of ozone, fendoxin, negative ions and plant aromatic molecules. It has the same efficacy as scented candle, and its appearance is more aesthetic and artistic. It is often used as decoration in hotels and other places.

Flameless aromatherapy sends out fragrance through rattan. It takes a certain time to send out light fragrance by inserting rattan into the aromatherapy bottle.

Essential oil

It has strong efficacy, can relieve spirit, help sleep and other effects, but it needs to be used with a special aromatherapy machine. Many people think that humidifier and aromatherapy machine are the same effect, but in fact, professional aromatherapy machine chips, chip keys, and atomization tablets are specially developed for essential oil, which can be oil, water, and chemical corrosion resistant. Therefore, the essence of oil drops in the aromatherapy machine can thoroughly use every drop of aromatherapy essence, and very quickly to the extremely delicate fragrance molecules to every corner.

Moreover, the mist produced by the aromatherapy machine is of high consistency and light weight, which ensures that the fragrance particles are fine and even, and stay in the air for a long time, making the absorption of each essential oil molecule better and fuller.

Aromatherapy wax tablet

Recently, the popular aromatherapy products, usually embedded with dried flowers, are the best choice for a companion gift. They are suitable for hanging in the wardrobe and emit light fragrance. (it is not suitable for hanging in the car. The temperature in the car is high, which is easy to cause deformation of wax flakes.)