How to make and use flameless

How to make and use flameless


How to make and use flameless reed diffuser

How to make and use flameless
No fire aromatherapy is generally composed of the aromatherapy container and the volatile matter of the original solution. How to do it by yourself? How to use it? Let me tell you how to make it and how to use it.

How to make and use flameless Aromatherapy

I. composition of no fire fragrance

1. Container
There are generally two kinds of containers, glass bottle and ceramic bottle, which can be selected according to personal preferences. The container should not be too large, and the decoration is mainly beautiful.

2. Dry flowers or vines for volatilization
This is more critical. If the selected cane is not good, it will directly lead to the volatilization effect. So we usually go to the regular manufacturers to buy, Thailand's flowers with the same grass is very good, both beautiful, volatile effect is also very good!

3. Aromatherapy essential oil
The quality of the essential oil volatile liquid is directly related to the impact on people's health. Good essential oil can play a role in dust removal, sterilization and air freshness. Bad essential oil may cause nervous system weakness, dizziness and other symptoms after people breathe. The imported plant essential oil from France is better for the essential oil.

How to make and use flameless Aromatherapy

II. Production of flameless fragrance

1. Put the fragrance bottle on the table.

2. Open the cover of volatile essential oil, and carefully pour the essential oil into the prepared aromatherapy container. It should not be too full, just seven points full. So as not to spill the essential oil after putting in the dried flowers of rattan.

3. Put the cane in the circulating air for 2 hours, and then insert it into the volatilization container. Set the shape. Make it more beautiful.

4. The operation is completed. Dried flower vines will naturally send out fragrance. Create a romantic fragrance space.

How to make and use flameless Aromatherapy

III. usage of non fire Aromatherapy
After the production of flameless aromatherapy, it can be placed in a place not easily accessible to children, so as to avoid being knocked down and eaten by mistake. It is placed on the cabinet of guest room, toilet and other places. After a while, you can smell the fragrance.