About scented candles, these four cold knowledge to know, let you every day full of vitality!

Time: 2019-12-05
Summary: The four cold knowledge about aromatherapy candles
With the improvement of people's living standards, fragrance will not be unfamiliar. In particular, household aromatherapy products often bring us happiness. Everyone is using aromatherapy candles, but are you really using them right?
1. How to choose scented candle
Good products are pure green, pollution-free, pure quality plant essential oil and plant wax. When choosing, girls need to observe its wick (cotton wick is better), as for the quality of wax, you can try to smell the fragrance after lighting it.

2. Trim the wick every time
If you buy a large bottle of aromatherapy candles, you can't use them all at once, you need to trim the wicks before you use them. Leave a length of about 5mm. If it is not trimmed, the candle cup will be easily blackened.

3. How long does it burn each time

Aromatherapy candles generally last for three to four hours, and some only need to burn for two hours. However, for the first use of candles, it is recommended to wait until the candle surface forms a complete and even wax pool before extinguishing the candles.

4. How to extinguish the candle

When you put out the candle, you can't blow it with your mouth. It will form black smoke. You can use the candle cover to extinguish, or you can use the candle's own cover to extinguish. There are also special candle clippers that can be prepared. They are excellent for trimming candle wicks and extinguishing candles.

I want to remember to keep the fragrance of myself as much as possible. In particular, the long-lasting fragrance, smell more obvious fragrance, not too messy.

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